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Is your body stopping you from performing when you still want to push forward?

Our CARE range of products – Cramp-Stop, Anti Jet Lag, Revive and Endurance – are specifically designed to support the recovery of bodies and minds placed under pressure. All entirely natural, drug and chemical free, our formulas are effective and safe for the whole family. Visit our online shop to discover which product is right for you.

Cramp-Stop (Individual)

Beat Cramp

For use during muscular cramp and spasms, menstrual cramp and restless legs.  Spray one or two doses of Cramp-Stop. Drug-free and chemical-free support for people of all ages.

Anti Jet-Lag (Individual)

Banish Jet Lag

Get the most out of your trip with support for broken sleep, circulation,  dehydration. Arrive ready to get going with our Anti Jet-Lag formula. Ideal for business and holiday travelers, families and children.

Revive (Individual)

Boost Energy

Restore physical and mental vitality with Revive, our fatigue formula. Perfect for athletes, shift workers, busy mothers, and anyone struggling with the demands of a busy life.

Endurance (Individual)

Build Endurance

Naturally support muscle repair and maximize your physical performance and minimize Lactic Acid build up with our Endurance formula. Ideal for athletes and anyone embarking on any physical activity.

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The No. 1 Cramp-Stop Remedy

Don’t let cramp stop you! Tried and tested over 20 years, Cramp-Stop is the market-leading product to relieve acute muscle spasms and cramps. Our proven formula helps restore normal muscle function rapidly in any situation, at any time. Originally formulated for performance athletes, Cramp-Stop now brings real relief to people of all ages and occupations when you need some help to chase away the cramp monster! Cramp-Stop is all natural – making it 100% safe, even during pregnancy.

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NZ Natural Formulas Work

Here is what our customers say …
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Charles Bruce, United Kingdom 

I used Endurance every 45 minutes and rode very smoothly throughout - no bad spells at all - perhaps we should relabel Endurance as 'Forever Young'.

Wayne Café, New Zealand

We used Anti-Jet Lag on all our flights and had completely normal sleep patterns and changed time zones with absolutely no problems.

Bernice Armstrong, NZ

I met you at the Field Days and on your suggestion have been spraying once in my mouth as I go to bed which has resulted in me not suffering terrible cramps every night and when I do get them they are not nearly as intense.