Natural Support for Active Lifestyles
Our CARE range of products is specifically designed to support the recovery of bodies and minds placed under pressure.

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Beat the Cramp Monster

For fast support to help with muscle tone and function particularly in the legs and during menstruation. Spray one or two doses of CrampStop. Drug and chemical-free support for people of all ages.

Anti Jet Lag
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Get there, Get going

Get the most out of your trip with support for broken sleep, circulation, and dehydration. Arrive ready to get going. Ideal for business and holiday travellers, families and children.

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Back from the Brink

Support physical and mental vitality with Revive, our fatigue formula. Perfect for athletes, shift workers, busy mothers, and anyone struggling with the demands of a busy life.

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Power to Perform

Formulated to naturally support your performance during periods of physical activity. Supports good metabolism of lactic acid. Ideal for athletes and those embarking on any physical activity.


Calm Peaceful Night

To help with difficulty getting to sleep, broken sleep, insomnia and calming a ‘busy brain’ at night. SLEEP taken before bed can help your system calm down ready for sleep.


SLEEP Value Pack

The 100ml Refill will fill your sprayer 4 times. With a 5 year shelf life this is an economical way to keep a good supply on hand.


Rest and Restore

REVIVE will help maintain focus during the day when you are fatigued, tired, or exhausted with a foggy head.

SLEEP will help you get better quality sleep when you can.

My Calm pack


MyCalm is a natural formulation for anxiety and elevated stress. Turn the volume down on your anxiety and find your way back to calm.

Trusted by thousands of happy Kiwis

With almost a quarter of a million bottles sold, our CARE formulas have eased pain, offered relief, comfort and hope to people of all ages.

25+ Years in the Making

Established in 1995, NZ Natural Formulas offers a range of homeopathic sprays designed to support today’s full and demanding lifestyles.

Developed by New Zealand homeopath Amanda Dunlop, the CARE range of products was produced specifically to help the body and mind cope with the effects of physical and mental exertion.


Our CARE Range

All entirely natural, drug and chemical free. Our formulas are effective and safe for the whole family