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Winter Immune Boosters 2020

Winter Immune Boosters 2020

How to Boost Your Natural Immunity for the Winter Season

As we in the Southern Hemisphere approach the winter season, boosting our natural immunity is now more important than ever due to the current worldwide pandemic situation.

Vitamin C. We all know that it’s important to include in our daily diets. Sunshine also. We know the benefits of walking outside and getting that boost of Vitamin D rays. There are also other natural immunity boosters in the form of herbs that we can include to help our bodies deal with those colds and flus.

Have you ever wondered why it is more likely that you succumb to a cold or flu during winter? Cold! Yes, that is a clue as to why. Common viral infections are referred to as “colds” and the low air temperature during winter is one of the reasons our immune system is weaker.

The Science

There is a science behind getting sick. When you get cold, your blood vessels contract and your blood flow is concentrated in your core. This is an essential survival tactic, so that you can stay alive in cold places. However, it also means body parts outside your core become vulnerable.

Your nose and throat have limited blood flow when you’re exposed to cold. This means less oxygen. It also means less immune protection. So when you come into contact with a virus like the common cold, your body can’t fight it off like it usually would.

Here’s the good news though! There are three winter herbs that may help the fight to remain healthy throughout the winter months.

The 3 Best Herbs for Winter Immunity

Echinacea Root

Echinacea stimulates the immune system

You may have heard of echinacea. It has become well known as the herb to have on hand when you’re coming down with a cold or flu. And for very good reason.

It contains a complex mix of chemicals that increase the number of circulating immune cells in your blood1. This means that even with reduced blood flow, your body is better able to fight off infection.

Ensure you always use the echinacea root, not the leaf or flowering tops. Also check that it has been freshly harvested. A good liquid extract should make your tongue tingle when you take it.

Astragalus warms and strengthens the body

Now Astragalus is a herb you may not have heard of. In China it has a reputation for being a powerful immune stimulant that increases circulation2.

Astragalus gets more blood and nutrients to those starved body parts of yours that have been in the cold. At the same time, it gives you an immune boost that helps fight off those ills and chills we’re all trying to avoid.

Astragalus is best taken for weeks or months prior to winter because of the way it gradually improves health and builds up your body. It does have a very bitter taste so you may wish to take it in a capsule form to avoid this.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng calms while it revitalises

Herb number three is Siberian Ginseng. There are many different types of ginseng, but is the Siberian you are after. Siberian is a soothing variety of ginseng. This is very useful if you are feeling exhausted and weak along with your winter illness3. Siberian ginseng is unlike Chinese ginseng, which may speed you up rather than calm, which can sometimes exhaust you further.

Siberian ginseng will help you sleep and keep your stress level under control. This means your body is better able to do its job of kicking those winter bugs to the curb. In a similar way to astragalus, it’s best to take this herb for weeks or months beforehand because of the way it slowly but surely improves your immunity.

Before winter arrives with a vengeance, get into the habit of using herbs to boost your immune system. We all want to get through winter happy and healthy, full of energy to hit those ski slopes!

Don’t let winter get the better of you!

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