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Happy Tummy, Happy Life!

Messages TO the brain

Although it sounds back-to-front, 90 percent of signals between the brain and the stomach travel TO the brain.

While the brain provides lots of instructions to our organism and how we function, the raw data comes from, you guessed it, what we eat!

Maybe “You Are What You Eat” could more properly be termed “You Feel What You Eat”.

If we move on from straight-forward digestive issues, the healthy tummy helps us cope with life in many ways.

Here are a few quick tips for a healthy tum:

Keep flowing

Water is very important and keeps our body systems flowing. However, don’t drink water half an hour before or half an hour after a meal. That let’s the digestive juices get on with their job without being diluted.

Keep chewing

Chewing food well is a great help to the stomach’s ability to digest and process food well. But that’s not 5-7 chews, like many people. In fact, chewing each mouthful 40 times is recommended!

Oh, and, there’s more. Those 40 chews are also great if slow.

Keep breathing

No, really breathe. Slow, deep breathing, right down into your belly, is a great way to relax you and your tummy.

Keep balanced

Good gut bacteria help digestion but also benefit your mood, your immune system, your mood and overall health.

Join the good-bacteria bandwagon with excellent probiotic foods – and supplements if naturally fermented foods are not available, or not to your taste.

Stay S.L.O.W.

And finally, take it S.L.O.W. Seasonal, Local, Organic and Whole.

Some or all of those options are usually available these days, no matter whether pescatarian, carnivorous, paleo, vegan, raw or any combination of those.

And Revive

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