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Day and Night … Active and Recovery

Your health in these months, heading into Autumn/Winter, and also the many unknowns, local and international, brings focus back to the family and home.

We want to be strong and active in the day, and have great rest at night. That balance is a combination of often quick fixes and long-term strategies.

Our CARE range is also a balance, designed to assist you in many ways.

Your help for active days.

For example, the quick fix for cramp is CrampStop, while the long-term support for muscle integrity is Endurance.

CrampStop is well known and regarded as the premium natural support for acute cramp which can include the obvious sports cramp but is also very effective for night cramp and period cramp. It will also help people with restless leg syndrome, and children with growing pains in the night.

And Endurance includes remedies that support and minimise muscle fatigue, muscle pain and lactic acid build up. Your benefits don’t stop there, as the 100% natural formula helps repair muscle damage and promotes faster recovery, including from muscle strain or injury.

Your help for recovery

Revive is formulated to aid rapid recovery of energy and concentration following periods of exhaustion, tiredness or lack of focus caused by long work hours, broken sleep, long illness, or physical exertion.

There’s more, as Revive can pick you up during your activity, and get you going again. We all push ourselves past our limits these days, whether at work or play. And Revive can also restore your concentration, especially if brain fog or lack of focus comes from tiredness or fatigue.

And if you do happen to suffer from broken sleep, especially if related to over-tiredness or poor circulation, or even a “busy brain“, Anti JetLag can come to your rescue.

Your full options

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