Is your body stopping you from performing when you still want to push forward?

Our CARE range of products – Cramp-Stop, Anti Jet Lag, Revive and Endurance – are specifically designed to support the recovery of bodies and minds placed under pressure. All entirely natural, drug and chemical free, our formulas are effective and safe for the whole family. Visit our ONLINE SHOP to discover which product is right for you.


For fast support to help with muscle tone and function particularly in the legs and during menstruation. Spray one or two doses of Cramp-Stop. Drug and chemical-free support for people of all ages.

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Get the most out of your trip with support for broken sleep, circulation, dehydration. Arrive ready to get going with our Anti Jet-Lag formula. Ideal for business and holiday travelers, families and children.

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Support physical and mental vitality with Revive, our fatigue formula. Perfect for athletes, shift workers, busy mothers, and anyone struggling with the demands of a busy life.

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Formulated to naturally support your performance during periods of physical activity. Supports good metabolism of Lactic Acid. Ideal for athletes and those embarking on any physical activity.

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Don’t let cramp stop you! Tried and tested over 20 years, Cramp-Stop is the market-leading product to relieve acute muscle spasms and cramps. Our proven formula helps restore normal muscle function rapidly in any situation, at any time. Originally formulated for performance athletes, Cramp-Stop now brings real relief to people of all ages and occupations when you need some help to chase away the cramp monster! Cramp-Stop is all natural – making it 100% safe, even during pregnancy.



  • Bernie Armstrong
    "I met you at the Field Days and on your suggestion have been spraying once in my mouth as I go to bed, which has resulted in me not suffering terrible cramps every night.  And when I do get them they are not nearly as intense."
    Bernie Armstrong
  • Gary
    My story starts as a young boy growing up in QLD. I absolutely loved all sports. After leaving school, I took every opportunity to surf overseas. I remained active in sport until I acquired an insidious debilitating muscle disease called axonal peripheral neuropathy at the age of 51. I would come back from golf with extremely tired legs and five minutes after getting horizontal the muscles in my calf & hamstrings would totally lock up and couldn’t move, just had to lie there in agony for 20 minutes until the muscles relaxed. From this point on I spent a small fortune trying all of the very expensive pharmaceutical muscle relax cents with absolutely no relief whatsoever. I was at my wits-end when my wife bought a bottle of Cramp-Stop at the local pharmacy. The very next day after playing golf I grabbed the Cramp-Stop, put two squirts under my tongue and within 15 seconds I could feel the cramps in all my muscles simply disappear. I was flabbergasted, truly flabbergasted. This product is truly mind blowing. It even seemed to build up a resistance in my system and I went from using it up to 20 times a weeks to only having a need to use it once or twice a month. This amazing product changed my life, I’ve been dealing with this disease for eleven years now and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without Cramp-Stop. Thank you HCH, from the bottom of my heart.
  • Multisport Adventure Race Champion
    “CrampStop saved our day – with 5k to go on the mountain bike I heard my race partner, Max screaming and yelling “my hamstrings blown, it’s gone!” I turned to see Max stopping, his right leg rigid and his hands clutching his hamstring. He was experiencing the dreaded ‘Adventure Race Cramp’! Taking no chances in this race I had packed my trusty Cramp-Stop – “Open your mouth,” I said as I pulled up alongside him. With a couple of squirts we were back in business. Amazing stuff!”
    Multisport Adventure Race Champion
  • Lynne Kearns-Corbett
    FOR PETS - "I think CrampStop is great. I never go anywhere without it. Recently one of my little dogs was really bad and I suspected back problems. Many $100’s and x-rays later I started giving her a couple of sprays every morning and now have my happy bouncy smiley girl back."
    Lynne Kearns-Corbett
  • Cherryl
    “I was introduced to CrampStop at a stall at the Home Show held at the Wellington Stadium in 2016. My husband suffers from cramping legs which is very painful for him. I purchased CrampStop from the stall and as soon as he used it, the cramp soon stopped. This is an amazing natural product it has been an absolute relief to have it on hand. I have recommended it to other people, and will continue to do so. We have found that our local Pharmacy sells CrampStop so we now buy it directly from them. We would not be without it and it certainly beats the cramp monster.”
  • Susie
    "When cramp used to strike - well, I’m not gonna lie, I would groan, scream and rant and yes, sometimes I’d cry. But now when cramp starts out of bed I will hop. I grab my spray bottle of drug free CrampStop. A spray or two’s all I need to come right. Then I climb into bed and I sleep through the night. I’m pleased I found CrampStop at the Dunners Home Show. This cramp stopping formula’s the right way to go!?"
  • Casey Jones Adams
    “I have been using this product for about 5 years and I swear by it… it is the only thing that helps me… Without Cramp Stop my nights are terrible and very painful…”
    Casey Jones Adams
  • Dianne
    RESTLESS LEGS - "CrampStop has been such an amazing help for me.  I have suffered with painful leg cramps and restless legs for over 35 years.  I had tried many things but nothing works like your product does.  I am so grateful that I found you.  I have been using CrampStop ever since."
  • Luca - aged 16
    PERIOD PAIN - "I am usually out of action for 7 days with terrible stomach cramps, nausea, moody and feeling drained.  I couldn't believe that a couple of doses of CrampStop made all the symptoms go away - and stay away.  No more taking pain killers for 7 days. Awesome!"
    Luca - aged 16
  • Hayley
    PREGNANCY CRAMP  -  "We bought CrampStop for my husband for football last season.  However, when I was pregnant last year I would get severe leg cramps during the night.  CrampStop gave me quick relief.  I love that it's a natural product and easy to use!"
  • Ash
    "I raced Ironman New Zealand in the weekend and just wanted to say how much your product helped me. At the 30km mark on the run my hamstring and toes started to cramp. Up until this point I was right on track to go under my target time of 10 hours. After walk/running for 5kms I finally made it to my special needs bag where I had a bottle of CrampStop. Unfortunately by this time the cramp had slowed my pace to the point that sub 10 hours seemed impossible. I immediately gave myself a few doses and my hamstring and toes freed up. I managed to get a good pace going over the last 5k and snuck under my target by 3mins. Had it not been for the CrampStop I don’t think I would’ve got there, so thank you. Will be sure to have a bottle with me for all events going forward."
    Ironman & International Sales Manager
  • Leighton Davies
    “Awesome CrampStop! I use it all the time in the surf. Tuck it in your wetty for winter. Beats the cramp monster every time.”
    Leighton Davies
    Raglan, NZ
  • Judy
    "After suffering from agonising leg cramps for many years, I have to say that CrampStop is like a miracle find. I keep it beside my bed and never go on holiday without a bottle. Today I managed to get a 100ml refill bottle and feel like I have struck gold. Thank you, can’t live without this product and highly recommend it to everybody for cramp.”  
  • Margaret
    “I would just like to tell you how great your CrampStop is. I did not take enough with me when I went to Australia for a 6 month tour. Of course I got terrible leg cramps, and searched from one end of Australia to the other for a similar product. Nothing. No one had heard of anything similar, and I even had them photo snapping the empty bottle to try and get it. So I hope you get a lot of new custom from my efforts. We did a round trip and I inquired everywhere, but no luck, ended up with just magnesium pills, but they certainly don’t help with the instant relief in the middle of the night! Well done to you guys for a wonderful product.”
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