Find Your Calm, Naturally

MyCalm is a natural way to help restore calm and balance during times of stress anxiety.

Tired of always feeling anxious?

It’s natural to feel anxious from time to time. But persistent anxiety and stress can be exhausting and take a toll on your health, energy, and quality of life.

MyCalm has been specially formulated to help you down-regulate during periods of anxiety and high stress. It’s suitable for acute anxiety, general anxiety disorder, anticipated anxiety, panic attacks, chronic stress, and nervousness.

MyCalm is a natural, homeopathic spray that’s easy to use and suitable for all ages and during pregnancy. It’s safe to take with prescription anxiety medication and may provide additional support when you need it most.

Rediscover your best self

Anxiety can affect every area of your life, including work, relationships, sleep, physical performance, and your ability to enjoy everyday activities.

An anxious mind is restless, irritable, highly sensitive, easily distracted, and always on edge.

Being able to turn the volume down on your anxiety can help unlock the calm and clarity you need to feel and perform your best.

Got an important meeting, speaking event, or big pitch at work? Gearing up for a sports competition? Or simply feeling overwhelmed by everyday life? MyCalm is made to meet you where you are.

The convenient, compact spray bottle is designed to be used on-the-go whenever you experience anxiety, stress, or feel a panic attack coming on.

Natural Formula

MyCalm is derived from natural ingredients

Made in NZ

Developed and bottled by Kiwis for the world

Safe & Suitable for all Ages

For children, adults and during pregnancy

Recycled Packaging

We also support the environment through tree planting initiatives

How anxiety can affect health and well-being

Did you know 1 in 4 New Zealanders report suffering with anxiety? Studies have found anxiety disorders and chronic stress can increase the risk of serious medical conditions.

Sleep Issues

Difficulty Concentrating

Relationship Problems

Lower Libido

Social Anxiety

Weakened Immunity

Heart Disease

Digestive Issues (IBS)


Weight Gain

Decreased Productivity

Poor Physical Performance

Slower Career Progression

Lower Libido/Erectile Dysfunction

Social Isolation

Calm, composed and in control

In our modern, high-paced, ultra-connected world, anxiety and stress are more prevalent than ever. Children, teenagers, adults, athletes, and older people can all experience anxiety for different reasons.

The long-term effects of persistent anxiety and chronic stress are significant. However, it’s important to know that relief from anxiety is possible.

MyCalm has been carefully formulated to support nervous system regulation and help you feel more calm, composed and in control.

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