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Endurance (25ml)

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$26.95 NZD

Power to Perform

Endurance is formulated to naturally support your performance during periods of physical activity. Simply take Endurance at regular intervals during exercise to protect optimum muscle integrity and assist muscle function. Endurance formula may also support good metabolism of Lactic Acid during exercise.

Already have Endurance? Get the refill.

Endurance Refill (100ml)

$72.00 NZD

Support Performance

Now that you have your 25ml Spray bottle of Endurance in your sports bag, on your bike, or where ever you need it,  buying a 100ml Refill will top up your sprayer 4 times.  This is more economical per bottle, and with a shelf life of 5 years, will last a long time.

Don’t throw your spray bottle away – Refill it with our recyclable 100ml Refill bottle.

Endurance Spray & Refill Pack

$92.00 NZD

Beat the Cramp Monster

Known world-wide, our natural oral spray has been successfully helping maintain good muscle tone, in a drug and chemical-free way, for 20+ years.

The 100ml Refill will fill your sprayer 4 times. With a 5 year shelf life this is an economical way to keep a good supply on hand.

Sport Pack

$51.20 NZD

Power to Perform

Combine the benefits of CrampStop & Endurance to help you train, race, or get out amongst it.


$99.00 NZD

NZ Natural Formulas’ CARE Pack gives you complete natural support for your busy lifestyle.

The CARE Pack includes: