Cramp-Stop Refill (100mL)

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Known world-wide, our natural oral spray has been successfully helping maintain good muscle tone, in a drug and chemical-free way for over 20 years. For many people good muscle function is important and if problems strike it can be distressful and debilitating. Suitable for young and old, this natural formula may encourage the quick return of normal muscle function. Problems that arise due to fatigue, dehydration, menstruation, pregnancy, poor circulation or the side effects of medication can be ameliorated with a quick spray. Because this product supports muscle and nerve function, it may also be beneficial in calming twitches in the legs.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.

HCH Formulas Ltd, Raglan, New Zealand


Real Results

“Cramp-Stop saved our day – with 5k to go on the mountain bike I heard my race partner, Max screaming and yelling “my hamstrings blown, it’s gone!” I turned to see Max stopping, his right leg rigid and his hands clutching his hamstring. He was experiencing the dreaded ‘Adventure Race Cramp’! Taking no chances in this race I had packed my trusty Cramp-Stop – “Open your mouth,” I said as I pulled up alongside him. With a couple of squirts we were back in business. Amazing stuff!”

Narelle Ash, MultiSport Adventure Race Champion, Australia

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Take one spray into the mouth at the onset of symptoms.

Muscular cramp
Repeat every 15-20 seconds for up to five doses.

Menstrual cramp
Repeat every one to two minutes for up to three doses. Repeat as necessary.

Restless legs
Repeat every one to two minutes for up to three doses. Repeat as necessary.

The regular use of Endurance may help delay the onset of muscle spasms.

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