Revive Refill (100mL)

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Back from the Brink

Whenever you’re feeling like you’ve hit the wall, Revive may help you get up and get going again. Ideal for athletes, shift workers, busy mothers, long-distance drivers and students under study pressure. Revive helps your system cope with the physical and mental onset of exhaustion. Just a spray or two may provide natural support for your tired body and mind when you need to stay on top of your game. Take alongside our Endurance formula to support soft tissue recovery during exercise – together, they can help you to stay alert and perform at your best.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.

HCH Formulas Ltd, Raglan, New Zealand


Real Results

“I recently competed in the 2014 Ironman Melbourne. I have used Cramp-Stop many times over my 13 years in Ironman and this time I had both Cramp-Stop and Revive in my race kit. At 120km on the bike I took Revive and a few minutes later felt I had more energy. I then used it intermittently for the rest of the race. Now Revive will remain part of my race kit for all my triathlon races. As Cramp-Stop has saved several of my races in hot humid climates I would recommend anyone who suffers from cramps to give it a go.”

Pete, Australia

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Take one spray under the tongue whenever you’re feeling mentally or physically exhausted. Repeat every two to three minutes for up to three doses, or as needed to stay alert. Repeat after exercise to aid recovery.

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