When muscle spasms, restless legs and painful, inconvenient cramps keep you from sleeping or achieving the high performance lifestyle you deserve, it’s time to take action! Read through testimonials from loyal customers who use our CARE range; they have found the help and support they needed.

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Cramp Stop

“I met you at the Field Days and on your suggestion have been spraying once in my mouth as I go to bed which has resulted in me not suffering terrible cramps every night and when I do get them they are not nearly as intense.”

My story starts as a young boy growing up in QLD. I absolutely loved all sports. After leaving school, I took every opportunity to surf overseas. I remained active in sport until I acquired an insidious debilitating muscle disease called axonal peripheral neuropathy at the age of 51. I would come back from golf with extremely tired legs and five minutes after getting horizontal the muscles in my calf & hamstrings would totally lock up and couldn’t move, just had to lie there in agony for 20 minutes until the muscles relaxed. From this point on I spent a small fortune trying all of the very expensive pharmaceutical muscle relax cents with absolutely no relief whatsoever. I was at my wits-end when my wife bought a bottle of Cramp-Stop at the local pharmacy. The very next day after playing golf I grabbed the Cramp-Stop, put two squirts under my tongue and within 15 seconds I could feel the cramps in all my muscles simply disappear. I was flabbergasted, truly flabbergasted. This product is truly mind blowing. It even seemed to build up a resistance in my system and I went from using it up to 20 times a weeks to only having a need to use it once or twice a month. This amazing product changed my life, I’ve been dealing with this disease for eleven years now and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without Cramp-Stop. Thank you HCH, from the bottom of my heart.

NARELLE ASH, Multisport Adventure Race Champion, Australia
“Cramp-Stop saved our day – with 5k to go on the mountain bike I heard my race partner, Max screaming and yelling “my hamstrings blown, it’s gone!” I turned to see Max stopping, his right leg rigid and his hands clutching his hamstring. He was experiencing the dreaded ‘Adventure Race Cramp’! Taking no chances in this race I had packed my trusty Cramp-Stop – “Open your mouth,” I said as I pulled up alongside him. With a couple of squirts we were back in business. Amazing stuff!”

“I think Cramp Stop is great. I never go anywhere without it. Recently one of my little dogs was really bad and I suspected back problems. Many $100’s and x-rays later I started giving her a couple of sprays every morning and now have my happy bouncy smiley girl back.”

“I was introduced to Cramp-Stop at a stall at the Home Show held at the Wellington Stadium in 2016. My husband suffers from cramping legs which is very painful for him. I purchased Cramp-Stop from the stall and as soon as he used it, the cramp soon stopped. This is an amazing natural product it has been an absolute relief to have it on hand. I have recommended it to other people, and will continue to do so. We have found that our local Pharmacy sells Cramp-Stop so we now buy it directly from them. We would not be without it and it certainly beats the cramp monster.”

“Cramp-Stop has been such an amazing help for me. I have suffered with painful leg cramps (especially at night, but they occur during the day as well) and restless leg syndrome for more than 35 years. I had tried many remedies but nothing works like your product does. I am so grateful that I found your stand at the Fieldays a couple of years ago. I have been using Cramp Stop ever since.”

“When cramp used to strike -well, I’m not gonna lie, I would groan, scream and rant and yes, sometimes I’d cry. But now when cramp starts out of bed I will hop. I grab my spray bottle of drug free Cramp-Stop. A spray or two’s all that I need to come right. Then I climb into bed and I sleep through the night. I’m pleased I found Cramp-Stop at the Dunners Home Show. This cramp stopping formula’s the right way to go!?”

“I have been using this product for about 5 years and I swear by it… it is the only thing that helps me… Without Cramp Stop my nights are terrible and very painful…”

“Awesome Cramp Stop! I use it all the time in the surf. Tuck it in your wetty for winter. Beats the Cramp monster every time.”

“As Cramp-Stop has saved several of my races in hot humid climates I would recommend anyone who suffers from cramps to give it a go.”

“I have been using NZNF Cramp-Stop for about 5 years for severe leg cramps and spasms which occur mainly at night. I keep a bottle next to my bed and another in my handbag. It is a brilliant product and I have recommended it to a number of people over the years. I am able to use it confidently due to its non drug formulation. Thanks for a wonderful product.”

“Raced K2 over the weekend. Everything was going to plan until cramps like never previously experienced ground me to a complete halt. Fortunately, I was near one of the aid stations and the team there had some cramp stop. What a great product…I will never race without it again.”

“…it worked, my cramps started at the 20km mark but then after taking your product every 2-3km they completely stopped after the 35km mark. Cramps ruined my 1st place but at least with your product I held on to 3rd place.”

“After suffering from agonizing leg cramps, for many years I have to say that Cramp Stop is like a miracle find. I keep it beside my bed and never go on holiday without a bottle. Today I managed to get a 100ml refill bottle and feel like I have struck gold. Thank you, can’t live without this product and highly recommend it to everybody for cramp.”

“I carry Cramp-Stop with me when we travel. We were river cruising and the gentleman next to me at lunch suddenly cramped up. I went to our cabin and returned with the Cramp-Stop, explained how it worked and sprayed under his tongue. “Wow” he said, as the cramp just disappeared. He wanted the email address to get some for himself. Probably an order from USA on its way.”

“I was continually waking with excruciatingly painful cramp in my legs at night, or in the morning if I stretched my legs before getting up. About three months ago, I started taking Cramp-Stop and its effect was immediate. I no longer suffer any cramp related problems.”

“I had stopped to give two marathon runners who were in pain with the cramps and struggling with the intense heat and dehydration a few sprays of Cramp Stop. This worked wonders for them and helped them to continue on to finish their marathons. I highly recommend Cramp Stop.”

“I’ve just been to Gold Coast to run the marathon and of course took my Cramp Stop with me and helped a fellow runner who was lying down in pain and offered Cramp Stop. I also helped a friend that evening with it too. Thanks for a great product”

“I wanted to let you know how much ‘Cramp Stop’ has helped my husband over the last few years. After a bulged disc, which took some time to be diagnosed, he had a back operation, which eased one issue, but did nothing for the severe cramps he was getting as a result of nerve damage in his spine. He had a further operation about 5 years ago and at approximately the same time we discovered your product, which has made a huge difference to him. He had been having very broken nights, and up to 7 or 8 cramps which would leave him the next day as if he had been severely kicked and bruised. He started using Cramp Stop, and found that he could get immediate relief from even the worst of these cramps. We do not know if the continued use of the product is the reason that over the last few years the severity of the cramping has eased – he only gets cramp occasionally now, and most of the attacks are stopped within seconds, but it is still effective quickly if he does have any problems. He never goes anywhere without his small bottle of Cramp Stop, and has told lots of other people about it, as he has enormous faith in the efficacy of the product.”

“Last month my son (16yrs old) competed in the WEMBO world 24hr solo mountain bike championship, he rode for just over 25hrs (with only 2hrs sleep). He carried your Cramp Stop with him, I gave him Endurance spray each 1-2hrs & Revive in the early hours of the morning. I’m sure that your products helped him to complete the event and recover afterwards. We will definitely use your products again.”

“Cramp Stop really helped me out during the Melbourne Marathon!! Problem was I found myself stopping and offering it to people cramping on the side of the road! Haha! Awesome product!! Oh and I knocked 13 min off my PB!!”

“Cramp Stop really helped me out during the Melbourne Marathon!! Problem was I found myself stopping and offering it to people cramping on the side of the road! Haha! Awesome product!! Oh and I knocked 13 min off my PB!!”

MAXINE, Raglan, NZ
“I would like to say that I was very impressed with the above product; I woke up during the night with severe cramp in both my legs and as I had your product I tried it out and the pain was gone in a matter of 2 minutes. I was very pleased I had the use of the Cramp Stop and could get back to sleep – Top Marks for this great product.”

“I purchased a bottle of your Cramp Stop earlier this year. The first time I had a chance to use it was last weekend in the 120 km Bowral Classic in NSW. Bowral is at 700 metres and it is only at elevations that I get cramp. At 100 kms into the ride I felt the cramps starting. A couple of squirts of Cramp-Stop and the cramps eased off. All the way up a steep 1 km climb Cramp-Stop kept my leg cramps at bay. It’s a great product that works.”

SALLY WATSONProfessional Scuba Diver
“Cramp Stop is amazing. I am a professional scuba diver. I often dive 3 times a day over summer, despite taking high quantities of magnesium, after a hot day diving, I sometimes get terrible cramps in my thigh. These are extremely painful and Cramp Stop just stops these cramps , I can’t go without it. I use 50 ml bottle each year. My next order will be very soon. Thanks for a wonderful product.”

“I would just like to tell you how great your “cramp stop ‘is. I did not take enough with me when I went to Australia for a 6month tour. Of course I got terrible leg cramps, and searched from 1 end of Australia to the other for a similar product. Nothing. No one had heard of anything similar, and I even had them photo snapping the empty bottle to try and get it. So I hope you get a lot of new custom from my efforts. We did a round trip and I enquired everywhere, but no luck, ended up with just magnesium pills, but they certainly don’t help with the instant relief in the middle of the night! Well done to you guys for a wonderful product.”


Anti Jet-Lag

“I met you at the Wellington Home Show and I really was hesitant to try another Anti Jet Lag product as I have tried so many but you said to contact you if the product did not work and I would get a full refund. I get terribly ill after flying usually with two to three days of nausea and vommitting upon landing at my destination. Not really what you want on holiday! Anyway I get so sick that I am reluctant to travel further than a 4 hour flight which my body seems to be able to handle. This has been a real problem as I have turned down fantastic travel opportunities with friends due to my terrible travel sickness. Anyway I have just returned from a trip to Hawaii and much to my delight I used your Anti Jet Lag and had no problems whatsoever. Now it could just be a coincidence as my hormone levels are changing but I don’t care. I will be taking the Anti Jet Lag on all further flights and am thrilled beyond words to have my freedom back. I will recommend you product to anyone else with travel sickness issues. Thank you.”

“I had a good trip and found the Anti Jet-Lag to work well.  I also used Revive and Endurance with good effect.  Of course my favourite and most commonly used is Cramp Stop.”

WAYNE CAFÉ (New Zealand Team Manager for the World Endurance Skiing Championships in Aspen, Colorado)|
“We used Anti-Jet Lag on all our flights and had completely normal sleep patterns and changed time zones with absolutely no problems.”

“I am so impressed. My Anti Jet Lag arrived just after ten this morning. Incredible service from both you and the courier company. Many, many thanks. Can travel with peace of mind. You have yet another happy customer.”

JILLIAN WILSON, Christchurch, NZ
“I think your Anti Jet Lag is the best product around for jet-lag. I’ve used it for 5 trips now, and find it’s very helpful, particularly after I get back home. Sometimes those tired heavy feelings wash over me – a few squirts of the Anti Jet Lag and I’m right again. Thank you!”


“I recently competed in the 2014 Ironman Melbourne. I have used Cramp-Stop many times over my 13 years in Ironman and this time I had both Cramp-Stop and Revive in my race kit. At 120km on the bike I took Revive and a few minutes later felt I had more energy. I then used it intermittently for the rest of the race. Now Revive will remain part of my race kit for all my triathlon races.”

“Both Anti Jet-Lag and Revive were absolutely integral to helping me prepare and compete in the Sweet Adelines International contest in LA with the Christchurch City Chorus in 2016. It was per chance I came across the sprays at the Go Green Expo and I was only going to buy the Anti Jet-Lag spray being very aware of the time difference between NZ and Las Vegas, although I was so grateful for the Revive as we had a full week of rehearsals and had to remain in high energy. Christchurch City Chorus placed 5th in the World, and received the People’s Choice Award for Most Entertaining Chorus. I truly believe by using your products I was able to give my absolute best. Thank you for creating these beautiful products!”

“Fading during my finals of the 36-hole Golf Club Championships I reached for my Revive.  After a couple of sprays my focus and energy were back.  The result? 5 holes later, I won! Highly recommended. Thank you!”

“I’d just like to say how much I appreciate Endurance and when I’m getting tired Revive. I live in a desert so training in Summer is difficult (for example the temperature drops to low 30s overnight and by 8:30am it is often 40+. Keeping well hydrated is essential and for me so is regular squirts of Endurance. The difference it makes to me when cycling or running is nothing short of phenomenal; I can actually feel myself moving faster and it feels easier. Absolutely brilliant!!”


LYNNE HERRING – Side Car Racer – Gold Medal Winning team, New Zealand

I race on a a BMW classic side car which is really intense and demands physical strength.  Before I discovered Endurance I would experience arm pump and my recovery was slow.  I’d feel fatigued between each race and the pain prevented me from doing what I wanted to achieve.  Since I have been taking Endurance my racing has changed for the better.  No more pain and my recovery is fast.  I recommended Endurance to other side car riders/passengers who have also benefited from taking it. A great product!

CHARLES BRUCE, UNITED KINGDOM (Veteran 24 Hour Cycle Champion 1998 on missing his personal best time by 50 seconds, 27 years after setting it)

“I used Endurance every 45 minutes and rode very smoothly throughout – no bad spells at all – perhaps we should relabel Endurance as ‘Forever Young’.”

“Based on your recommendations I ran at my goal pace spraying Endurance spray under the tongue every 15 minutes. I managed to hold that pace and knocked out a 1:53 Half Marathon with no cramping to speak of whatsoever. Thank you so much, I will religiously use your products from now on!”

“The Endurance spray was extremely helpful when I walked the Milford Track with 3 friends from work recently. We all hadn’t done enough training and I believe it made a huge difference when things got really tough on days 3 and 4. It got me through when I needed some help so thank you! :)”

“As an avid hunter, days are spent moving and stopping on a regular basis. This warming up and cooling down of the muscles, particularly in my legs has often led to painful cramp towards the end of the day as well as the journey home. I was recently fortunate to be able to use a bottle of Endurance while hauling a heavy pack into a campsite via torchlight and the proceeding week’s gut busting deer stalking. I followed the instructions on the box and also took it as a preventative before going to sleep. I was so stoked that I experienced no cramp for the entire week and when used on the walk out had no issues when traveling the long journey back home. Thanks Endurance you made a good trip a great one!!!”

“Ok. I have to start off by saying that I was not a believer!! But I am now a firm supporter of your “Endurance” product. So on the weekend I rode my first 80km endurance event in 2 1/2 years. I wasn’t fit enough for the job and I knew that going in but I planned to just take it as it came. To top it all off I suffer from Adrenal Fatigue and I got very run down in the lead up to the event….my mum remembered a product she brought at Equidays that she thought would help. “HCH Endurance”. I used that in my 40 min hold every 15 mins and sipped my electrolytes. I took the spray out on loop3 with me and used it sporadically as I kept forgetting. Loop 3 was a breeze. While I was sore, I was no longer struggling. I knew I wasn’t fit enough for the distance and I expected to feel really sore afterwards. But I wasn’t. Apart from a few aches and pains, I was fine. I used the spray sporadically again on the drive home and yesterday I was stiff and tired. But I wasn’t as bad as I thought I would be. I was able to do my housework, sort my odd jobs at home and today I’m raring to go! I am now a believer.”