Anti Jet-Lag (Individual)

Anti Jet Lag (30mL)

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Get There, Get Going

Long-haul flights are strenuous for the body – cramped seating, cabin pressure, recycled air and shifting time-zones can leave you sleep-deprived, dehydrated and fatigued. If you want to arrive at your destination in ship-shape,use our Anti Jet-Lag formulation. Simply use the spray regularly throughout your flight and for the next couple of days, to restore your body’s natural rhythms. Used alongside Revive, Anti Jet Lag is ideal for business travellers, families and anyone who wants to arrive at their destination fresh, alert, and ready to enjoy their trip.

Real Results

“We used Anti-Jet Lag on all our flights and had completely normal sleep patterns and changed time zones with absolutely no problems.”

Wayne Café (New Zealand Team Manager for the World Endurance Skiing Championships in Aspen, Colorado)

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During a long flight take four sprays under the tongue every two to three hours to prevent jet lag. Use as needed with Revive during periods of tiredness after the flight.

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