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A Roller Coaster of a Year

The end of the year arrives and we have holidays to plan, travel to arrange and the many ways we adjust to the Christmas season. After such a roller-coaster of a year, I’m planning to ease into the holidays as gently as possible. And as prepared as possible.

To help with forward planning, our Natural Formula discount packs can support holiday season activities. If you will have lots of travel, Anti Jet Lag can also help offset travel nausea, while Revive can help recovery from over-busy times in the lead up to the holidays.

For the many of us who found the year rather exhausting, Rest & Restore helps establish a rejuventing sleep pattern while Revive can help with the necessary reset.

And the mountain climbers and cyclists, swimmers and surfers, and hikers and beach gamers can help offset cramp and aching muscles with our Sport Pack.

Selecting Healthy

Some of us, and possibly children the most, can over indulge a little during holiday times. Even having a rich selection of healthy food can overload our digestion. We use “little and often” and keeping well hydrated in our family as good practices – and of course those plans can easily disappear in the hurly-burly of family and holidays.

Over the past 20 years, our customer base has grown to include some of New Zealand’s top endurance athletes, pregnant women, the elderly, corporate travellers, and those seeking natural remedies to help them prevent jet lag, stay alert, stop cramp or recover with mental and physical stressors. Nearly a quarter of a million bottles later, the CARE formulas have offered relief and comfort to many thousands of people the world over.

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