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How to Minimise the Toxin Load for a Safe Home


How to Minimise the Toxin Load for a Safe Home

The simple act of reducing your every day exposure to toxins will help to support the body’s immune system, resulting in a healthier you. Here at NZ Natural Formulas, we follow and like Ben Warren’s Be Pure natural products stories and have chosen a few to highlight as some easy options to begin the journey of reducing your toxin exposure.

Environmental Toxins

Every day, in our own homes, we are exposed to toxic chemicals that can build up in our body over time. We may not even be aware of where, what or how we become exposed to these environmental toxinswhich could be hiding in plain sight.

It would be difficult to effectively remove all toxins but here are some common ones for you to make a start with for a safer, healthier home environment.

Household Cleaners

Household Cleaners

This is the most obvious of toxins or chemicals that may be present in your home. We have become used to the cleaning power of these harsh toxins, with many of these cleaners containing nasties such as parabens and carcinogens which our bodies end up ingesting, breathing or absorbing. There are more environmentally friendly cleaners available in our supermarkets that are promoted as natural, chemical free brands, for example the Ecostore brand.

Or you can make the change to using white vinegar, baking soda and elbow grease. Figgy and Co or Green Goddess have some great natural cleaning recipes using such ingredients as these.

Plastic Drink Bottles

We all do it! Still buy our water in plastic bottles. Plastic bottles can leach harmful chemicals into the water (even the ones that are labelled as BPA-free). Other potentially harmful chemicals can still be present and leach into your water if the bottle is exposed to heat or left to sit for long periods of time.

The answer is to just exchange plastic bottles for reuse-able glass or stainless steel ones. You can find different types to suit your style readily available in many home stores or supermarkets.

Plastic Bottles


This is one you may have never thought of but toothpastes often contain chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), propylene, fluoride and artificial sweeteners. These toxins are not good for our livers and you can find some brands available in your supermarket, pharmacy or health store that do not contain these potentially harmful ingredients.

Red Seal is a New Zealand brand that has a natural, mild flavour and combines natural herbs and minerals to create an effective toothpaste.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

During our Lockdown period you may have been washing any fresh fruit and vegetables you purchased to ensure the virus wasn’t transmitted to your household via contaminated product.

Sprays and pesticides are commonly used in the production of our fresh produce so it is always advisable to give it a wash when you get it home. To do this, fill the sink with water, add three caps of apple cider vinegar, then scrub and rinse to reduce exposure to any chemicals that may have been used.

The other option is to buy organic fruit and vegetables where you can as then you can be assured that no chemicals or sprays have been used.

Fresh Fruit and Veges

Reduced Energy

Often we may feel tired and our bodies drained of energy, for no obvious reason that we can determine. Think on this though – our livers may be working overtime to rid our bodies of various chemicals and toxins that have been building up over time throughout constant exposure in our homes.

Try some of these methods of reducing the amount your body is absorbing and reduce the load on your liver. Add our Revive spray to the mix if you are feeling drained and exhausted at any time!

Faster Muscle Recovery and Less Muscle Pain with Endurance

Endurance formula can help maintain muscle integrity during any exercise, or a physical work day. Regular use during exertion may help muscle fatigue so you recover more quickly.

Endurance also helps support soft tissue repair – so for any Rugby injuries or bruising it’s brilliant to have on hand.

Keep those muscles working well during work and sports – get your bottle of Endurance today!

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