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Balancing Hot and Cold Seasons

Good health practices can appear easy in summer, when we get lots of sun and exercise, plenty of time outdoors and, usually, enough drink to keep us hydrated. Those same practices can help us to get through autumn and winter as well, especially if we add healthy eating to list.

With more unusual and often more severe weather fluctuations, in New Zealand and all around the world, we can be hot one day and cold the next. The changes into autumn and winter, especially when more extreme, can give our bodies a hard time to adjust. When we go from hot days and warm evenings over to cold and wet days and nights, the likelihood of getting coughs, colds, flu and more can increase.

What we call the common cold can affect anyone any time of the year, but it is more persistent or at its peak during autumn and winter. Symptoms often include a runny or stuffed nose, and vitamin C alongside healthy food and drink can help support the immune system. Taking plenty of clear liquids, such as water and broth, are essential for health all year round, but especially so at this time, and teas such as ginger and peppermint can help calm your digestive system and stomach during autumn.

Cold and rainy days can make it harder to maintain a good exercise regime, but herbs and nutritional supplements, alongside whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats can help overcome many seasonal ailments, including general fatigue and body aches. And don’t forget age-old remedies like hot baths and even epsom salts to ward off those cold chills.

Home remedies

The emphasis to combat many of the autumn and winter ailments is to stay hydrated. Electrolyte replacement can also help, although this should be reserved for older children and adults.

On the plus side, ordinary home solutions can include fruits and ice cream to increase vitamins and hydration, and soothe sore throats, honey in tea can help brain and body feel looked after, and a gargle or two a day can leave the mouth and throat feeling fresh.

For recovery after flu and viruses during these seasons, our REVIVE formula can help you recover when you are left with post viral exhaustion and weakness. Once the immediate acute symptoms are resolved and you are left with extreme tiredness, taking REVIVE four times a day for up five days to restore your energy and well-being.

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