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A healthy, uncluttered life

As each day passes and another crisis happens in the outside world, it doesn’t seem to matter if the location is nearby or in another country. We are regularly bombarded with news, and issues, that affect our peace of mind.

I’ve looked at the declutter movement and can see how that applies to both the house and the mind. Having an uncluttered living environment, even if not full minimalism, reduces concerns about the physical – objects, devices, furniture – and offers a way to think about space as “the place we gather”. Similarly, reducing concerns about possessions and providing emotional and mental space for relationships can increase our joy and happiness in life.

Self-care practices – exercise, meditation, healthy eating, quality sleep – can all rejuvenate our bodies and minds, enabling us to navigate daily challenges with resilience and vitality. Yet the introduction of technology and the digital age, while bringing apparent benefits, has also led to a new set of challenges.

Constant connectivity, social media comparison, and information overload can contribute to stress and disconnection. Cultivating digital wellness can often be aligned to decluttering – setting boundaries for screen time, practicing digital detoxes – and could lead to fostering genuine connections online, in harmony with living spaces based on people and close communication.

Each decision we make in ordering and reordering our lives – and homes and devices – helps us remember we have the power to reshape our priorities and thrive in this fast-paced world.

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