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Spring Hydration

One of our best guardians against illness is positivity. If we can make positive decisions and plan for positive outcomes, we can overcome many hardships, despite all the clamour and chaos of normal life.In other words, positive prevention is better than catch-up cure.But before I go on, we have a special offer for all customers.

Positive approaches to hydration in Spring

The ‘best’ amount of water to drink each day can vary depending on all sorts of factors – season, activity, personal preference and overall health. One rule of thumb we find easy to follow is the 8×8 – that’s the equivalent of eight 8oz glasses/cups of fluid per day. And that can be achieved by chai latte, smoothie, fruit juice and many other combinations – and, of course, water.
Let’s not forget that fruit and vegetables also contain plenty of fluid nourishment, so adding abundant Spring fruits – especially citrus – and herbs to hot or cold water can add plenty of flavour.

Some examples of home-made drinks we enjoy:

• blackberries + mint
• raspberries + cucumber
• strawberries + fresh basil
• chopped apples + a cinnamon stick
• pear slices + a drop of vanilla extract
• citrus of all kinds that mix and match too

It’s also important to remember the design of our immune system is complex and influenced by an ideal balance of many factors and not just fluid intake. A balanced diet that includes a range of vitamins and minerals, and combined with healthy lifestyle habits like adequate sleep, exercise, and stress management strategies, are effective tools that can prime the body to stay positive. And our Natural Health formulas can play their part too.

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